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If you are planning to take home your first pup, consider these expert tips.

Tip 1

Demand to see the parents, preferably both the sire and the bitch. But if that is impossible, at least ask to meet one of them. Do not accept the breeder’s excuse on account of the parents’ absence.

The reason why you need to meet your potential pet’s parents is to ascertain that your pup came to being by way of ethical means. Also, the parents will let you roughly anticipate how your new pup might become as an adult.

Tip 2

It’s OK to buy animals from pet shops, except for dogs. So refrain from taking home a shop-sold puppy. You do not want to inadvertently support the horrific industry called puppy farming.

Most of the puppies displayed in pet shops come from these unethical dog farms.

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Tip 3

Do not succumb to impulse buying. Remember you are not taking home a new pair of sandals. You are taking home an actual living creature, which will require utmost responsibility on your part.

Tip 4

If a breeder tells you that what they are selling is a pedigree, do not immediately believe the hype. A breeder might show you a forged certificate. To know for sure, demand to see the pup’s parents.

Tip 5

It is normal to be immediately captivated by the puppy that manifests the most energy and persistence to cuddle upon seeing you. Chances are this pup is the alpha of the litter.

If you are a first time dog parent, an alpha dog is not the one you wish to raise. You might want to settle with a middle-ranked pup.

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Tip 6

Do not blindly subscribe to the Kennel Club’s perceived prestige. Although this is an organization anchored on admirable goals, sometimes they fall short in execution.

This means that just because you’re sourcing out a dog via the Kennel Club network, you can be less discriminating about the whole process. You are better off staying in the know and proactive.

Tip 7

Do not bring home a new dog if you are raising a toddler aged six or below. This is not the best environment for raising a new pet, regardless of what kind of animal it happens to be.

The reason for this is that children below six years old are not amenable to negotiations. This means that it will not be easy to convince them that the new addition to your household is not a toy.

Wait until your child is a little older before buying a pet. This way they can even actively participate in raising the new member of your family.

Tip 8

Never overestimate your abilities. Even if you regard yourself as a potential dog whisperer, truth of the matter is two puppies for a first time dog parent is a lot.

Learn to walk before you run.

Make sure you can take really good care of one puppy first.  They could be more demanding than you ever anticipated.

To be on the safe side, start with one puppy. If things go well, then by all means go for more.

Wish you and you puppies lots of good luck.  Know what to feed your new best friend?







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