One’s disability will never be a hindrance when one decides that it isn’t. Lydia’s family is composed of virtually impaired furry animals.

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First is their dog, Scarlet who was only five-week-old when she was put in the shelter. Scarlet is blind in one eye, and she has always been shy and nervous when the family got her.

Her personality could have been due to what she went through. Lydia works in a vet school which is great since she can bring Scarlet with her. One of the students knew of a blind cat who needed a home, so Lydia and Scarlet came to see her.

Scarlet was so used to having all the attention to her self that at first, she didn’t care for Claude. Lydia decided to keep Claude, and that’s when Scarlet had no choice but to get along with her.

What started as a forced friendship bloomed into a real one as these two became inseparable. They love to snuggle with each other especially during sleeping time.

Now, their parents love to go on adventures, and they have since brought these two on hikes and exploring the countryside. They both love it!

They both love the outdoors especially the beach. Scarlett would go crazy when she’s at the beach, and she even has her life jacket and everything. Claude loves the beach too as he likes to relax on the sand.

These two has gone through adventures together and has no plans of slowing down. Thanks to their parent who involves them with all their experiences.

Claude also found a new friend, Cecil who is also a blind cat. He finds friends everywhere he goes. As for Scarlett and Claude, these siblings will continue to go on adventures together with their parents.

And what a sight that will be!

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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