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Watch out Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – your place in world ranking is at stake only if they allow this pup to play soccer in their league that is.

This pup was watching a local soccer game in Turkey from the sidelines. From the time the referee blew the whistle signaling the start of the game the pup with his dad was watching his brother and his team.  He was there to support and cheer and lift the spirits of his bro’s team.

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He behaved perfectly – like a gentleman, watching the game intently from his “seat”, paying full attention, all the time focused, eyes glued to the ball.

The first half was boring – not a single exciting moment – leave alone being on the edge of your seat – far from it. The ball just kept shuttling between the two opposing teams, no score, no close moments, no excitement.

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By the time half time rolled around he had had enough of it. The game was way too slow, the players not fast enough, no one taking the responsibility of being the leader and setting an example of leadership.

“You can’t raise kids that way – these kids are going to be your leaders and soldiers tomorrow.  They can’t be timid. nor should they tolerate timidness.   They must learn to be aggressive, they must know how to defend their territory.”  said the pup to himself.


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But what good does that do?  Talking to himself?

Time for action………..

Drum roll please!!!

The pup decides its up to him – its now or never.  They can’t let their opponents or enemies walk over them.  The future of these kids must secured with proper training – RIGHT NOW.

He was on a leash.  This pup is really talented – seems to have taken a lesson or two from the escape master Houdini.

He finds a way to release himself from the leash and off he goes to the middle of the field.

The show is on now!

Image credit: facebook/Mikrofon

Referee has the ball in his hand, the pup has shut out the rest of the world – his eyes see nothing but the ball.

Referee decides to walk the dog back to the sidelines to join his dad.  He walks a few steps – the pup follows and is closing in on the ball in the referee’s right hand.

Referee tries to move the ball into his left hand and behind his back – the ball slips out and off goes the pup and the ball.

Now its a tussle between all the players on the field plus refereeon one side against the pup.

The pup dribbles the ball like it is almost stuck to his feet – swiftly he moves around the field – he even takes it between the legs of one of the players – boy he puts on soccer clinic!

The spectators can’t stop laughing – they even applause when the pup scores a goooooal!

It is just hilarious – – watch it for yourself – Make sure the speakers are turned on – watch it to the end as there are two rounds of this tussle….

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Posted by Mikrofon on Monday, February 4, 2019

Video courtesy Facebook / Mikrofon.


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