It was a Friday afternoon in Nairobi – like any other Friday afternoon. A stray dog was out and about doing what stray dogs do during the day.  On this Friday though, a strange thing happened.

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The stray dog was on its rounds of the city in a poor neighborhood known as Ngong forests in the capital city of Nairobi.

In one of the corners of the dirty street was a new born baby placed in a plastic bag.  The baby was clad in tattered clothing.

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The baby was obviously abandoned – a rather common fate of children born to poor young and often teenage mothers in Nairobi.

Being a poor neighborhood, chances of the baby getting adopted by a local resident were extremely slim.  The economic condition in the neighborhood is very dire.

The dog’s eyes fell on a newborn baby. Her motherly instincts immediately sprung into action.

She picked up the baby with the bag, carried across the rather heavily traveled road, headed straight to her “house”.

To get to her destination she even had to go through a rickety barbed wire fence – Stephen Thoya, a bystander and a witness to the entire set of events told the independent Daily Nation newspaper.

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She added one more baby to her litter of puppies that were waiting for her, said Aggrey Mwalimu who owns the shed where the dog had delivered its own litter of pups.

The story got to the city authorities and on Saturday, the baby – all of the seven pound four ounces infant was taken to a nearby city hospital for treatment.

Luckily, the doctors found the baby to be generally healthy, and responding very well to medications and treatment. “She is stable and is on antibiotics” said Hanna Gakuo, the Kenyatta National Hospital spokeswoman to the Associated Press reporter.

Kenyatta National hospital named after Kenya’s first indigenous  President Jomo Kenyatta, is Kenya’s prominent public hospital where most of these abandoned babies end up.

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The health workers at the hospital had named the child “Angel” – so appropriate!

Many a times you see reports of mothers abandoning their newborns due to poverty in kenya’s news media.

As of Sunday, the child remained unclaimed by anyone.

Another lesson taught to us humans by a dog!  “Life is meant to lived – not ignored or abandoned, EVER!”


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