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It was a cold night in Holland.  A team of firefighters were busy trying to fell a tree in an effort to save an apartment.  They tied a long rope to the tree and were pulling on it.

They seem to be struggling while the stubborn tree would not budge an inch.

But luck was on their side that night.  One of the residents in the neighborhood was out for a walk with his Rover on a leash.

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The dog saw the team struggling and his helping nature kicked right in.  He forgot about the walk. Even though his owner was pulling on his leash to resume the walk the pooch wanted no part of it.

He was on a mission and he could not be distracted from it.  How can he leave those firemen struggle all by themselves?  They needed his help He had to help get that stubborn tree down.

And more important than that “He always wanted to be a fireman and this was his golden opportunity to prove he is worthy of it.”  😉🐾🐾😆”

How can he possibly leave those poor men struggle alone while he is right there?  No way – that ain’t happening.

The rover sprang into action!

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He grabbed the extra rope and started pulling on it in concert with the men – for most part.

It took almost a minute for the tree to fall.

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Attribution:facebook : NTD Television


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