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The pain and anguish a mother suffers when she has to witness her baby get hurt is beyond description.  It just eats her up from inside.

And when she is right next to her baby but finds herself in a helpless situation, that grief that a mother feels is truly heart wrenching…… is beyond words for even the most prolific english storytellers / authors – leave alone an amature like me.

No matter what, you will never have the experience of that empathy –and

No matter how hard you try, you are guaranteed to fall short and shallow of the real experience.

How can you justifiably describe something that you have not experienced?

This mother dog found herself in that situation.  Her young pup was hurt badly lying on the side of the road – lifeless, no strength even to cry.  The mom has to protect him from the crowded street, half her mind is on the other 4 siblings of the her puppy, she is anguished, restless and helpless.

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Some onlooker has called for help and the animal rescue volunteer arrives.  The mother is next to the pup needing help. He is not sure if the mom is in protective mode or asking for help mode.

He cautiously, s–l–o–w–l–y approaches the pup.  His goal was first to gain the confidence of the mom, she allows him to get close to the pup.  Will she allow him to touch her pup? She wants to smell him and make sure she can trust him — as she brings her face close to his helping hand he is ready to withdraw – she realizes it, backs off.  

The volunteer lets the puppy smell him, gently touches his face in an effort to display that he is there to help.

She is a smart mother – she realizes if she shows her restlessness – the helping hand may be lost for good.  She backs off and difficult as it may be, she sits quietly watching and ready to jump in if he plays foul.

The volunteer slowly and gently moves his hand to lift the puppy off the street floor.  That is exactly where the pup has his wounds .. he begins to cry – volunteer is watching the mom, she still sitting – that’s it!

A clear signal for the volunteer – go ahead and help my pup!

Volunteer gently picks him up while he is still crying.  Once firmly but gently in his hands he realizes it is a helping hand.

Everything is peaceful now!

The puppy is taken to the ambulance, the mother is anxious but not threatening – comes near the vehicle to say good luck to her pup – she can’t go with him – she has to stay back and care for the other 4 pups.  She now knows the little pup is in good hands.

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The pup is back at the shelter, He has two deep wounds.  They wash and clean his wounds, medicate and wrap bandage.  Half his body is coverd with bandage – poor little pup – stands through the entire process without a word!

He is lucky – the wounds are very deep into his little body.

Amazing….How quickly he realizes these people are there to help.

Few days pass on.  The staff at the shelter have named him Toggle.

Toggle has been given all the love he needs and he deserves it.  He has been well cared for. He has been an excellent patient and a very loving, well behaved pup.  

The staff loves him dearly but they know someone more important in his life is eager and waiting to see him.

Today is a day of mixed feelings for the staff – it is time for Toggle to go back to his family.

Watch the reunion yourself….

Attribution:Animal Aid Unlimited, India via Youtube


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