Having a pet dog is truly a joy. With them being around, you’ll surely get your daily dose of love, cuteness, hilarious moments, and the assurance of having a constant companion. Because of that, many dog parents treat their fur babies as family member.

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And just when you thought that nothing can be better than having a dog, there’s actually one – having two dogs!

While having two puppies at a time is not recommended, having an older dog and getting another puppy or having two older dogs brings so much benefits not just for you, but also your family and the dogs themselves. You get twice the cuteness and a lot more!

They have someone to play and exercise with.

One of the most important parts of a dog’s day is his playtime. This keeps him healthy, happy, and boosts his overall development. Playing with them will take about 30 minutes to two hours of your time on a daily basis. This of course will depend much on their breed, age, and/or energy level.

Although you would want to spend as much time with your doggy, you have a lot of other things to do like work, school, or other errands. To get them the playtime and exercise that they need, add a second dog!

You’ll still need that alone time with him every day since this is essential for his growth and socialization. However, because he has another companion, he’ll have someone else to keep him exercised and entertained. Even if you’re not around, he won’t resort to destructive behavior due to boredom.

They can help ease puppy training.

They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  This may be somewhat true but older dogs can certainly teach your puppy those cool tricks and house rules too.

Because dogs are pack animals, having a leader, which your older dog will naturally take on, means that your puppy already has a role model to follow. Whether it be for tricks or potty training, your puppy will already has someone to guide him and model his behavior after.

Potty training is among the most important trainings that your puppy needs to learn. Having a senior dog around will make this task a lot easier. This is because your puppy will most likely do his business to where the senior dog has gone.

They lessen separation anxiety.

Just like humans, dogs suffer from separation anxiety too when left alone. Although some can cope in time, others may require specialized training and/or emotional therapy. In worse cases, medication is needed.

To reduce separation anxiety, bring another dog to the family. Having another dog companion while you’re away will ensure that someone’s there to give him (or each other) that much needed attention and emotional support. This will keep him calm and will keep him focused on the new playmate instead of focusing on the feeling of anxiety.

Saving another life.

If you adopt two dogs, you didn’t just save one but two lives. About 3.9 million dogs enter animal shelters annually. About 1.2 million of them die from euthanasia.

If you adopt at least 2 of them, give them a safe and happy home to live in, you’ve already made a direct impact. Other than that, you’ve also created more space and resources for the animals that are left in the shelter.

You’ll get twice as much love.

When you experience something good, you’d definitely want more! The same goes with experiencing the love and joy of having a dog. Many pet parents get a second dog because they want twice as much love, cuteness, and fun that they had with their first dog.

It may seem that having two dogs will mean more work but there’s definitely more benefit to it than you may have imagined.


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