Kila is a blind Pitbull mix that was picked up as a stray in Tijuana, Mexico. She was a young puppy when she started to fend for herself as children and some drunkards threw rocks in her direction. Luckily, Forever Home Pet Rescue took her in and they became an instrument for Kila’s future mom to meet her and become her savior.

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“I was going through so much during that time. I was so down and very sad, I had severe anxiety. I was a complete mess,” said Alexis Magoo. “Kila brought me joy from the moment I met her. There’s nothing she knows but love and that love radiates from her meaningful eyes.”

Kila was only nine months old when she came home with Magoo. No one knows exactly how she ended up being blind or whether it’s a birth defect. But her mom knows she’s special. Her inability to see never stopped or slowed her down. She can do anything she wanted to with determination and a little extra effort on her side.

Despite her resiliency, there’s one thing that challenged both Kila and her mom: the stairs. Kila was extremely terrified of the stairs. She’d hide in a corner every time she thought she’d be facing it. So Magoo provided some help.

“We worked together each night. I bent over behind her then I moved each of her legs upstairs,” said Magoo. “I kind of practiced her and a few months later, she was already running up and down them!”

Photo Credits to Forever Home Pet Rescue

Now almost 4 years old, Kila lives a normal life. Despite her dark puppyhood, there is no one Kila didn’t love. From children to adults, bugs to cats, the sweet pooch holds no grudge. When strangers approach their house or her mom’s car, she barks to protect them. But with some pats and a few belly rubs, she’s back to the playful and happy pup she is.

“She’s just as happy and fulfilled as any other dog and I always say that she can see, just not with her eye. I don’t know what I’d do without her. I rescued her but she saved me.”

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing this story.


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