Teach Ring Stackers 300 x 250 - Animated

Tough times bring out the greatness in people.  This is one of those stories.

During the recent wildfires in Santa Monica, 3 people and their 2 dogs were trapped in a really bad spot to rescue from.  All resources are being used to the fullest extent … and then some.

A water dropping helicopter spots these folks in a bad predicament and accepts the challenge to rescue them.

He heads towards the spot – the situation is rapidly getting ugly.  He checks his fuel gauge – fuel is low, very little flying time – critical for them to get out safe – gives the pilot and his copilot very little time to complete or abandon the mission.

Rapid decisions and impeccable execution will decide the fate.

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They approach the trapped folks – only to find that the only possible spot where they could land is taken up by parked vehicles.  Two tall antennas in the area add to the complexity for landing the copter.

The pilot decides to go for it – lowers the craft on the edge, – almost in the bushes, copilot opens the door.  The copilot jumps out, trapped folks run to the chopper except one – his big dog won’t budge.

Finally with some help from the copilot, the dog gets inside the chopper.  All on board!

Door closes – Chopper takes off.  You hear the co-pilot ” that was close” and the pilot – “yeah -it was.”



Attribution:Youtube: Zidyboby


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