Nicole Bacani got her first dog from a New York City puppy mill. But she didn’t intend to buy from them neither did she have any clue how they operate. Until she came to pick up Rocky, the miniature pinscher she bought from an online breeder-seller.

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Rocky was only a little over 2 pounds, and he swarmed with fleas. The vet said that Rocky’s ears were probably cropped using scissors because of how crudely they were cut. And to make things worse, Rocky had pneumonia, too.

“This was all before I knew about dog rescue,” said Nicole. “As I learn more about these puppy mills, my eyes were opened on how they work. I swore to never again, have anything to do with them.”

But of course, little Rocky was an exception to the rule. Nicole vowed to give him the best possible new life. And she started it by giving him the best family.

Nicole also made another promise that in the future, she’d only adopt rescued pets. And the future arrived sooner than expected. Nicole and Kres, her husband, visited an animal shelter while they were vacationing in Rock Hill. And there, they met Hunter, a three-month-old pup.

“We were smitten,” said Nicole. “So we wrote our names down and the following day, they processed the application. We got some good recommendations and they told us we could pick him up.”

Few months after, Kres, who works in construction during that time, phoned his wife while at work. He said, “Honey, promise me you won’t get mad.” When he arrived home later that afternoon, he came with a Pitbull.

As it turns out, a man was supposed to drop the Pitbull to a local kill shelter when Kres spotted him. The couple agreed to keep her only for that weekend. But both Rocky and Hunter liked her. So they named the newest addition to the family, Lexi.

Photo Credits to Instagram/Rescuedrockstars

Since then, the three furry siblings started sharing different adventures and showed off their own antics. While Rocky is Hunter’s boss, Lexi is the ultimate love of everybody.

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing the story.


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