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It was late January 2019.  Most of North America was trapped in the grips of polar vortex.   Temperatures in midwest including Chicago and Minnesota reached a record low of 50 to 60 degrees below zero.

Watch this amazing dog help Firemen →

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Many of the bodies of water were frozen solid.  Bare hands exposed to these temperatures can freeze in as little as 5 minutes – a very very dangerous time.

Instead of complaining – which doesn’t get you anywhere when it comes to weather and events beyond my control, I like to look at the situation in a positive way.

Watch Frankie, The Best wedding Ring Bearer →

Here is the successful end of the rescue.  For a fuller version of the rescue to see the difficulties they faced, see the video at the end of the post:

Here is the Essence of one of the comments about this video:

One visitor enjoyed the positive spin and said it helps him keep his spirits up.  It makes him more tolerable than his normal to people around him. 🤗😍😍


Watch this amazing dog help Firemen →

Watch Frankie, The Best wedding Ring Bearer →

Watch the California fires Daring Rescue →

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I like to look at it as having experienced the North pole, the arctics and Mount Everest all at one time without having to spend an extra dime out of my “frozen” pocket!

Yes – the temperature that day in Chicago was actually colder than mount Everest!

As Ron Drake, a radio personality back in the 1970s in Harrisburg PA area would say “It was sooo cooold that for a change, the politicians had their hands in their OWN pockets!”  Ha Ha! 

New Jersey was also one of those states that was a victim of the polar vortex phenomenon.  Cooper river in Collingswood NJ was beginning to freeze with upper surfaces frozen in parts while the deeper warmer waters had turned biting cold.  

A dog got trapped when the surface ice under his feet broke and he fell into the river.

Luckily for the dog, someone witnessed it happen and had the presence of mind to call 911.

The first responders showed up quickly and as always – wasted no time in devising a plan to rescue the dog.  

Two members of the rescue team volunteered to brave the cold frozen waters.  They grabbed their axes, a life boat with a tug line and entered the river.

The path to the dog was extremely difficult.  Maintaining your balance as you wade through a pool of water in Sumer time is hard enough.   

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Uneven soft, muddy river floor with uneven rocks and debri splattered around the rocky river, ensuring a tight grip on the axe and the tug line – all these factors compounded the difficulties multiple times to the already very tough task.

Here are essence of some of the comments on the video we thought were worthy of sharing.:

There were many visitors thanking and praising the efforts of these volunteers who took the risk of entering the ice cold waters of the Cooper river on that cold frigid day.

Another commenter thought there was a lesson for the owner to not leave the dog without a leash in this entire episode – unfortunately the dog had to suffer for the owner’s negligence.

And many others just could not thank the volunteers enough!

One commenter said this video was breathtaking.







Attribution:Youtube / CBS Philly


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