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Posted by Delaware Humane Association on Thursday, January 3, 2019

A skinny dog was found wandering in the property of an animal rescue shelter in Wilmington, Delaware. The dog was found together with a heartbreaking note inside the bag that the dog was wearing. “Please take care of Sky,” the note begins.

The former owner of the dog says that Sky is six years old and is very friendly. However, the owner could no longer take care of her. The owner became homeless and was no longer able to feed Sky. The note also says that Sky is not sick but is hungry.

Greg Munson, development and marketing director of Delaware Humane, said that Sky is super sweet but is shy and quiet sometimes. He also said that Sky showed so much interest in the other dogs that she has encountered. Kerry Flanagan, director of animal care, added that Sky was doing great despite having fleas and being underweight. Sky also underwent lab exams to test for possible parasites.

With each New Year comes new challenges and on our second day in, we welcomed one of our most heartbreaking souls yet….

Posted by Delaware Humane Association on Thursday, January 3, 2019

The representatives from the shelter encouraged the netizens to refrain from giving negative comments about Sky’s former owner. They said that this doesn’t seem to be an easy decision for the former pet parent. The shelter doesn’t know who the dog’s owner is despite having some clues.

They also said that if Sky’s owner spoke to the shelter’s staff, they could have helped the owner keep his pet through their program. The shelter is also willing to reunite Sky and her former owner, depending on the situation. As required by the law, Sky was held for five days. After the holding period, Sky will be given to a foster family.

Adoption applications are also open for Sky. However, before she gets officially adopted, Sky has to gain around 20 pounds first, then spayed. Fortunately, there are already many people who showed interest in Sky.

Courtesy: Delaware Humane Association


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