Just like humans, dogs need to socialize to ensure their overall wellness and being. Puppies that are not introduced to other animals or humans may have tendencies of being fearful, aggressive or depressed when they grow up.

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Dogs are pack animals by nature. The best thing that an owner can do for them is to get them another companion that they can play with and practice their survival skills.

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Golden retrievers are known for their friendly and gentle behavior, and Lula is one of them. In the video below, we can see Lula patiently waiting for her mom to enter the room. Her mom then comes in with a bag that she so carefully places beside Lula.

As soon as the bag touches the floor, a pair of cute little paws and a little head comes out! It was Benson, Lula’s new baby brother.

Mom takes Benson out of the bag, and Lula just can’t contain her happiness! She is surely very happy and excited to play with her new baby brother. It was such a heartwarming sight for both dog parents that they also smiled and laughed.

Lula shows her appreciation by wagging her tail and rolling on her back non-stop. Who knows, she might be waiting for a baby brother for so long. It was a scene of pure bliss and happiness for both fur babies.

The two new best friends seemed to have known each other for so long that they were inseparable! This is proof that dogs are happier when they have another playmate in the household.

So if you’re planning to add one more four-legged member to the family, this is the time! It keeps them from being lonely, and they’ll definitely love you more.

Click the video below to witness Lulu’s euphoric welcome to Benson.

Dog Surprised With Puppy

My heart 😭❤️️

Posted by Pretty 52 on Thursday, July 12, 2018

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