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Life is continuously evolving – trying to teach us lessons.  It uses all kinds of methods to make us wiser and better than we were yesterday. Only if we keep our kids and our sense open to reception can we  experience those special moments He brings to us.

It was one of such moments when I came across this video. I was not having the best of days.  To get away from it all, I went to bed usually early that night – while my family was still wide awake and wondering if I was feeling sick – I was not sick in my body – I was only down and sick in my mind.

I closed my bedroom door, lied down, turned my laptop on, went to youtube and started browsing around to see if I could see anything that will keep my “sad” brain entertained for a while and put me to sleep for the night.

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I stumbled on to this video.

BANG!!!!  It hit me like a ton of bricks!!!

I watched it over and over again.

That little toddler, innocent little guy with the Down syndrome was lonely – just did not feel like playing with anyone that day.  He did not even want his dog near him – leave alone playing with him. He was mirroring my feelings.

dog, yellow

I saw me in him – I was feeling like a kid – helpless, lonely, heavy hearted, isolated and neglected.

As I watched the video, I noticed how delicately Himalaya – the yellow lab, approached the toddler with utmost care – approaching him the in the kindest possible manner with motherly love oozing out of her entire body.

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She first shows she is in a surrendered mode – total surrender – her body language says it all. Her face expressing it better than …… well, lets see,  Merrill Streep ever could?  Nay, she could take lessons from.

The only difference – Himalaya was sincere, earnest, she was not audible but boy did she speak – loud and clear! – not just acting.

Himalaya then approaches the kid with motherly love , puts an arm on his shoulder as if to say “Hey buddy, I love you very much!!”.

sad lady

Watching the video melted my heart – I totally forgot how sad I was.  My bad day was self made.  It was temporary – if I had enough wisdom I could have never gotten it to start on the bad note or at least after a short while I could have snapped out of it.

The poor boy did not have much choice – he was born special – he was born with special needs.

What was I sorry for?


That was the moment.  I was feeling better. I was feeling great!  I watched the video again and again for at least half a dozen times – until it sunk into my thick skull.

I was so blessed.  I have a beautiful family in the Living room trying to make our normal scheduled family time – without me.

Thats it – I got out of bed, walked over to my family – apologized for my behavior, shared the video with them again.

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Every one had moist eyes.

It was bed time for all – had school the next day and we had our normal work day ahead of us.

The 2 little souls in the video had changed my day – no,  they made my day!

Thank you Himalaya and Thank you Hernan, the special little toddler …..You have no idea how much you may have changed my life.    ================================================================================

Himalaya,  the yellow lab female is the family dog of Ana’s family, she finds this toddler in a dejected mood, he wants to be lonely.  

Dogs have the gift – they know exactly what we humans lack – they recognize the vacuum and they know how to fill that empty space with good positive energy.  

Hernan, the toddler has down syndrome and he has withdrawals – he does not like to be touched, said his mom Ana.  

Today has not been a great day for the little boy. Heck, he looks like he’s feeling so blue.  It’s heartbreaking to see the boy looking so sad and not wanting to play with anyone.

Luckily Himalaya is equally determined to put the kid at ease, lighten his burden and make his life a little brighter!  After all, isn’t that a what a dog is all about?

This is a lesson on how calm confidence and true love and desire can make someone’s day a little brighter.

Himalaya gets close to him – the boy backs away from dog, but is a little curious. Himalaya looks around, waits a few of he seconds, crawls up reaches his paw out to the boy.  The little boy rejects the friendly gesture and it appears that he wants nothing to do with the dog, crawls back again towards the wall.

Watch this amazing dog help Firemen →

Watch Frankie, The Best wedding Ring Bearer →

Watch the California fires Daring Rescue →  

Himalaya, with her unending love and care, crawls up again… And the routine goes one more time.  Now the kid is against the wall and the dog is now touching him not on his knees but on his arm and chest but so very gently and soft.

Those eyes are filled with kindness and love – his body language says “come, I love you, I’ll play with you – what would you like to do?  How can I help you? Please, please tell me!”

And the kid gets the message – the language of love is universal – no barriers here!

The toddler embraces Himalaya!

So beautiful…….


Dogs can be so intuitive and gentle.  You can see how patient Himalaya is with him — it’s really just a beautiful sight.  Do I tear up when I watch this video?  YES!  But they are tears of joy in seeing this boy experience the joy that dogs can bring someone.

They seem to be able to make special connections with people that humans can’t.  It’s very special and heartwarming to see these.  Make sure to let us know what you thought of this video in the comments below.  Here are some of the people’s comments on the video:

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Attribution:Haciendose amigos via Youtube


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