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puppy in rubbles

During his time as a bomb disposal leader in Syria, Sean Laidlow did not expect that he would be rescuing a dog. They became closer with each other, eventually, they became best friends.

The year was 2018, Sean Laidlow was sent to Ragga, Syria, and he was there to clean up existing bombs around the place. One day he encountered a very small puppy that was behind rubbles of a building.

The poor puppy was very scared and terrified after the incident that just happened – a bomb fell and destroyed the building.

Laidlow tried to reach out for the puppy, but she was too scared to move, she also did not want to eat – too scared. She was named “Barrie” by Laidlow because it was still not apparent at that time that the dog was a girl.

Laidlow tried to regularly check on Barrie almost every day, he brought her food and water to keep her from starving or getting thirsty. The soldier was there to take care of the poor little puppy.

All of the visits he did was recorded on the small camera attached to his suit, this showed how horrible the place Barrie was staying in. It was almost a miracle that Barrie managed to survive in that hostile place.

dog waiting

Laidlow decided to help the poor little puppy get out of that place. He helped transport Barrie out of the building and into a plane towards Europe. After that, he would adopt the dog when he gets back home and finally makes him a part of his family.

It took around seven months for Laidlow to return to his home. After traveling thousands of miles and waiting many months, Laidlow and Barrie finally were reunited.

The precious reunion was recorded on camera, Barrie was now a full sized adult dog. Even if seven months have passed since Barrie saw Laidlow, she did not forget him one bit.

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