When one’s experience would be used to help others, the experience becomes worth it. This is a story of Carmen and D’Angelo, the furry siblings.

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Her parents rescued Carmen from a shelter. When they found her, she was a very terrified and anxious dog. Her story would break your heart as you learn how she came to be like this.

When Carmen was about six-months-old, she was shot by a twelve-year-old boy who left her tail paralyzed. She also has trouble walking because of the incident. Due to her traumatic experience, she is very jumpy and is terrified of loud, sudden noises.

You can’t blame her because of what she went through. She was just a sad dog until D’Angelo came to her life.

Her new brother can calm her down like nobody ever could. D’Angelo was not always like this. His parents found him very skinny and at the brink of death.

The vet even told them to let him go as he is too weak and is not expected to live long. But D’Angelo’s parents did not give up on him and took him home. His parents did everything they could for him, and slowly, he gained weight and was getting healthier.

He only needed someone to believe in him. His parents did that for him, and now he is paying it forward. D’Angelo knows when someone needs him, and he provides the comfort that they need.

Especially when his sister, Carmen came. He gave him all the comfort that he could, and Carmen trust him with her life. Carmen, the dog, still has a long way to go with her recovery but she is showing progress with the help of her brother.

Being grateful and learning to pay it forward is the key to this family’s love and bond.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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