While rest of America is eagerly waiting for the Super Bowl, the competing team players could take a lesson from this border collie for sure!

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Kirk, (a female dog named after the Star Wars fame Captain Kirk) –  the border collie is a regular at agility competitive events – not in the spectator’s stand but on the field – showing off her agility and skills.

And lest you thought Kirk is one of those in the “ Also took part ” column – think again!

In 2017, she left her competition in the dust while winning the title in the Small Dog Agility competition Hosted by Purina Pro Plan at the 2017 Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals.  

Channan Fosty, and learn her proud handler at these competitions posted this video for the public to enjoy unbeknownst to her that she was also posting a lesson for pro athletes.  

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You can’t help but notice Kirk’s focus at the beginning of her event, her enthusiasm once Channan gives her the signal to proceed, her mimicking every move required to clear the obstacle on the screen, turning to the left, jumping – all  without leaving her couch.

You can see her visualising the entire course at the beginning, and once the race starts, anticipating and readying her body, posture and position  for the next obstacle just in the nick of time – what a performance – on and off the screen!

How much she wishes she was on the field performing!

A real good lesson for all athletes, not just  those football players – watch and improve – don’t just watch the pro moves – mimic them while watching – fine tune your skills, don’t just sit and watch!

What a performance – on and off the screen!

Attribution:Youtube: Rumble Viral


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