In August of this year, a dog known as Marie, was found without help by the porch of an unoccupied house located in Costa Rica – besides having neither food nor water, she’s pregnant.

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One concerned neighbor took Marie’s photos and sent them to Tania Cappelluti who had moved from Berlin to Costa Rica with plans of putting up a yoga retreat but ended up founding Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica (CAARCR).

“They (Marie’s original family) moved leaving the pregnant dog behind,” wrote Cappelluti.  “No food or water.  On her own with big belly.  The poor girl’s sitting day and night in front of the door waiting for her people to come back.”

Marie experiencing a sudden loss is a difficult thing to imagine and there is no saying how she’d be able to cope with the situation.  But with Cappelluti’s help, Marie was placed in a foster family and she showed just how strong she was.

Finally safe at the foster house owned by Wynn Mackey, Marie delivered 7 healthy and vigorous puppies.  They were named Buster, Benny, Hansel, Tino, Guido, Luca, and the only girl, Ani.

The furry family spend their days running and playing in Mackey’s yard for couple of months.  But as with any animal rescue, the story doesn’t end here.  Each of them will need a forever home.

In most cases, the mother dog is the most difficult to get adopted since people prefer puppies most of the time.  But surprisingly, in this case, Marie was the first to have a family who wanted to bring her home followed by Luca in no time.

But there are 6 other puppies that need a forever home.  Despite the small size of the community, Cappelluti is strong–willed that each puppy will find their perfect home.

Photo Credits to Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue Costa Rica

Anyone vacationing in Costa Rica is requested to drop by the CAARCR and consider bringing home one of the center’s rescue dogs with them.

“If people could come get them here, we can accommodate them for a night in our rescue center,” said Cappelluti.




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