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Ring bearers have a small but important role in a wedding ceremony.  They are the icebreakers of the formalities to follow. They set the “stage” for the party to kick off on the right foot.


But you don’t expect the ring bearer to steal the day – unless of course he is really cute and arrives in style down the aisle!


That’s why children always seem to dominate in this role.  They are always cute and evoke a true love in you every time you see one – unless of course they are having a bad day for some reason.

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Can you resist smiling when a cute child, appropriately dressed up for a wedding comes down the aisle?


Of course not!


But wait – what if you can find one that never has a bad day or at lleast never shows it in his demeanor?


This couple found one such candidate.


This ring bearer in a recent New Jersey wedding raised the bar for this important role so high that wedding crowd was all rolling over and LOL! –  


When John Selser and Taylor Tremonte – two highschool sweethearts decided to tie the knot they knew they had to have their baby – Frankie play a role on their most important day in life.


John and Taylor chose December 31, 2018 as the day to exchange their vows and exchange rings on New Year’s day 2019 – what a great day to start their new life.


What could be better than the new year’s eve and New year’s day  – easy to remember. You know men – they have a hard time remembering those dates.


Taylor wanted to make it easy for John to remember it!


They started planning their big day ceremony.  Taylor is a good party planner – she had all details planned out by the minute.


It was time to shop – they chose their dresses, footwear, jewelry for the 2 important days. The venue was fixed, invitations mailed out, dress and accessories chosen for the flower girls, wedding ring bearer, yaddi yaddi yadda!   


They even planned a grand entry for the ring bearer.


The days flew by fast.  New Year’s day was upon us – big day for Taylor and John.  They were hosting the biggest party of their life. And their baby Frankie had a huge job – the ring bearer!


How was Frankie going to perform?  


He – the little ring bearer was quite a hit – a grand entry and even a grander style.  No he did not walk down the aisle – he drove down….


The handsome guy impressed the crowd with his entry, his control on the car, his demeanor – everything – like no one had EVER witnessed before.


And the crowd was rolling in laughter.

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