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Lesley and Tim Spiegel, a couple from Kelowna, British Columbia were visiting family in Vancouver some  400 km from home.

Thursday a week ago was a beautiful day in Vancouver, Canada.  The couple stopped for a quick bite in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.  As always, they had Luc, their 19 month old cute, small 10 lb Coton De Tulear dog with them.

Since they were just going to pick up some soup from across the street it would be a quick stop they thought. The weather was nice and cool that evening – the pooch was very comfortable in his bag in the back, so they decided to leave the dog in the car

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Upon return to their car no more than 30 – 45 minutes later, they could not believe their eyes – their heart sank, their car window was smashed and the bag with Luc gone!

Luckily for Spiegels, they had Luc microchipped – so it would be much easier to reunite with him if he was found.  The microchip would help a local veteran or animal shelter to reach its owner and help identify and establish their legal ownership beyond a doubt.

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They immediately went to work on getting their dog back.  They spent all day Saturday placing posters around town and getting the word out with Luc’s pictures pleading the finder to return their little pup to the nearest animal shelter or a vet’s office.

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The local community was extremely helpful in placing and handing out posters.

They also incentivised the process by declaring a $2000 reward for the finder.

They found and availed of the help from a local pro –  Susan Patterson, founder of Thank Dog I am Out Rescue Society.  Susan had experience in finding lost dogs in East side of the city and was instrumental in getting the word out quickly.  

This was the third dog she was helping find in the last 8 weeks in that area.  “It definitely seems like the dog theft is on the rise and they are getting brazen” Susan said.  

Susan was successful in the previous 2 lost dog cases in finding and reuniting them with their rightful owners.  She assured Spiegels that she was optimistic.  “Someone always knows about the dog ” she said.  

Their dog Luc is likely to be found as well and asked them to be patient and positive.  

The Spiegels were visibly shaken.  Tim Spiegel was very concerned. He was certain that Luc was under tremendous stress and didn’t know how the young pup  might cope with that stress.

As of Saturday they had done everything including handing out and posting posters in prominent areas and getting the word out.

Luc was not found yet but the Spigels had decided to stay in Vancouver until they found their pooch.  With the help they got from the community, they felt very upbeat of finding their baby soon.



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