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Gumby, a Hound mix dog was brought to the Charleston Animal Society back in September a couple of years ago for the first time.

Yes – we said first time – in addition to the 11 times he returned to the shelter in the following 12 months.

The shelter staff – even though they are very well versed with dog behavior, had no idea how determined and persistent Gumby was to go after his desire.  

Never before had they come across a dog like Gumby.  Never even in their wildest dream did they think they will have Gumby with them – why?  Because he was rather an easy choice to adopt for people that visited the shelter.

Gumby was adopted not once or twice after he first came to the shelter – Are you sitting down before you hear this?  – he was adopted and he returned every time – every one of the 11 times he was adopted in the first 12 months – he found a way to return to the shelter.

You see, Gumby had a hidden talent – he was an escape artist! Whether you kept him in a cage or a fenced yard made no difference to him.  

And if he could not escape – he knew how to annoy the owners enough that they would take him back to the shelter.  His goal accomplished!

Once outside – it was as if he had google map of Charleston, South Carolina in his head – he found his way the right back to the Charleston Animal shelter from any corner of Charleston.

Many times he escaped and found his way to the shelter and other times he was returned by the adopted parents – because he made their life difficult , nay, impossible since he was not at “his home”.

To be precise – he escaped his new parents’ home 8 times – each time from a different parent, and was returned by 3 different parents because he made their life impossible.  And all this in a span of 12 short months. Quite a record!

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Attribution:Images via Facebook / Charleston Animal Society


Attribution:Instagram: rubyandjacks


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