Luckily for him, the Charleston Animal Shelter’s credo is “No kill shelter” and may be he knows it (?? After all he belongs to a very smart breed) and hence he returns there every time.

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It finally dawned on the staff that Gumby wants to make that shelter his home!  SO, they accepted the reality – and let him make his home there.

Now Gumby is not a freeloader – he wanted to pay his dues.   So, he took the responsibility of “Peace Officer” – to calm down the newly arrived dogs and help them settle down, make them feel at home.  

Here you can see him displaying one of his tricks – opening the gate.


Did I impress you?  Ain’t that cute?

Gumby now has been promoted.  He has taken on additional responsibilities of putting patients at ease when they come in for a medical procedure.

Here he is taking some time off his busy schedule to pose for us with his admirers – the staff at the clinic.


Gumby in his career goal uniform:

We wish Gumby continued success in his endeavors, his career  and new ventures.

This story exemplifies the patience and persistence these volunteers exercise in their daily routine with these animals – Kudos to them!

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Attribution:Images via Facebook / Charleston Animal Society

Attribution:Instagram: rubyandjacks


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