Every pet dog needs to undergo some kind of puppy training. It doesn’t only help your puppy to be trained well but also provides an opportunity to have bonded with your family. It is also quite fulfilling if you’re able to train your pup with everything he needs to learn and he’d be much easier to deal with around the house and to other places.
Dogs aren’t considered as Man’s best friend for no reason, they have a sense of friendliness and attachment to humans making them accustomed to living with them.

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Once you adopt a pup, he will become a part of your family. In terms of training the dog, it depends upon you and your family members to teach the rules he needs to follow. He will eventually get used to these rules as the training goes on with you and your family guiding him through it. It is also important to be patient because dogs require a lot of time to learn. Give him some positive and uplifting encouragements and do not rebuke your pup whenever he doesn’t get anything right instead guide him slowly but surely in the gentlest way possible and motivate him by giving treats or you can try playing with him whenever he successfully does the particular training you are teaching.

Start the training as soon as you bring your pup home. First, you must orient and help him familiarize himself on the new surrounding and guide him in distinguishing the right from the wrong and from there don’t stop teaching him as he grows. Learning is a lifetime process that can also be applied to pup training, so as much as possible teach your dog with some new ones in a while but take your time. If a problem arises, consult your veterinarian.

A valuable key to connecting and training your pup and to make him listen to you is to communicate consistently. Reward him when he gets it right and guides him to the right road when he gets wrong, don’t reprimand him. It is important to remain consistent in teaching him so that he would be willing to learn as well and to avoid any confusion on his part.

Giving your puppy treats and foods as rewards is a good way for him to strive even more in his training. However, you must not give him any free award, let him sweat for it to earn it. Not too forceful, you should still consider the health and welfare of your dog. If you noticed him getting worn out from training, give him a break or pet him. As time goes by the rewards shouldn’t always be the same, you need to upgrade it too and give encouraging praises whenever he does it accordingly.

If ever your pup gets a bit agitated, angry or make quite of a commotion. Don’t scold him in the same manner as he does. He may not know that what he did was wrong, he might think that it’s fine to behave that way. Try to catch him doing it and scold him for a misbehavior that he did recently not from his past faults so he could connect what action he did that got him punished. Whenever he does something wrong try to scare him by saying No in an angry tone so he’d stop and when he does don’t forget to praise him for that.


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