Recovering from a recent stroke is not very easy, it takes a lot of time and willpower for the patient to return to the way they were before the stroke. Intense amounts of physical therapy to get a patient in track for recovery. But unfortunately, there is still a high chance for the stroke patient to never recover back to his original state.

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Service dogs are one of the ways to help out stroke patients in their path to recovery. A great amount of assistance both physically and emotionally is needed for the stroke patients to recover. They will need a lot of help in moving around and getting random things inside the house.

Not everyone will actually like to have their own service dog. But for those who really need help, service dogs might become a necessity. These service dogs will make their lives a bit easier for them.

What can service dogs give to stroke patients?

Service dogs can provide so much assistance to a stroke patient. Since dogs, in general, are easy to train to do different stunts and activities, a service dog can be taught specifically to assist the needs of stroke patients.
Service dogs can also help a stroke patient to get different objects that they won’t usually reach. They can alarm the stroke patient for potential danger lurking around them.

During emergency situations, service dogs can be very helpful in getting enough attention to the patient and ask for medical help. And also, service dogs can greatly give the patient enough care when they are not feeling very well.

All of these can be done by a service dog to a stroke patient. Very useful for a person that lost a lot of mobility.

How can all of this help a stroke patient?

The worst thing that a stroke patient will experience, is their disrupted sense of mobility and body movements. Not all stroke patients are lucky to have a relative willing to give their time and effort to take care of a disabled person until he recovers.

This is where service dogs come in, service dogs can be easily acquired and will actually help a stroke patient with most of their needs. Service dogs can greatly help a patient gain their overall balance when they are walking. These dogs can also very easily pick up things that have fallen from the grip of a stroke patient.

Large dogs are more likely to be chosen as a service dog. They have more energy and their size will be helpful in different situations.

The most important thing that a service dog can provide a stroke patient is companionship or friendship. Having undergone a major stroke will make the patient feel that he is worthless and is no longer needed.

But dogs do not feel that way for their masters, they love their owners unconditionally and would do almost anything for them. Depression and severe anxiety of the stroke patient can be treated with a service dog.


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