Sometimes there’s a gray area in us whether our dog is already overprotective or not. There’s a tendency for pet owners to admire their dogs when he seemed protecting them. It may feel good at first but if it’s excessive, it should not be tolerated since it may cause injury to other people.

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Unintentionally, most owners are guilty for reinforcing this behavior. What dog owners don’t realize is that any attention coming from us serves as a reward for dogs.

Patting him on the head, laughing or even reprimanding him can just boost whatever it is he just did. As long as he gets your attention, that’s a reward for him. You can just imagine how rewarding it is when you reprimanded him for excessively barking your friend after long hours of ignoring him.

Another cause of them being overprotective is when they live in your house without set of rules or without following any structure. If we don’t train our dog, they will feel less confident in their position at home and that’s where unwanted behaviors start—like being overprotective. A pet owner should invest time to teach his dog some essential commands.

Lastly, dogs look overprotective or become aggressive when they see a stranger in your house because they’re afraid. There’s a possibility that your dog had a previous bad experience with strangers—like an abuse of some sort—or he’s just naturally fearful. Whatever it is that’s causing him to be overprotective, here are some ways to loosen him up.

Control his behavior at first.

It takes time to address behavioral issues so we have to find some ways to keep him from endangering other people. Keeping him on a leash, setting him up for a muzzle training and separating him from the guest are good examples on how we can manage his undesirable behavior for the meantime. These things can help you in training your dog how to behave appropriately and ensuring your guest is safe at the same time.

Teach some essential commands

Essential commands like “sit-stay,” “down-stay,” and “heel,” should be taught to dogs most especially the overprotective ones. This activity will help to control his impulse. If you were able to teach him these awesome things, he’ll start obeying you.

Let them earn their treats

We should start to change our thinking that we are doing our dogs a service if we’re going to throw them treats whenever we like. It can just make the behavior worst since the dog will feel entitled to your attention. To avoid this, plan an activity for your dog that will help them realize that he will get his treat or your attention once he doesn’t do those unwanted behaviors.

Engage him with other people

Since other people are causing your dog to be overprotective, we can use it as a solution as well. Some phobias are treated by immersing them to the things they feared about so it makes sense.

Have your friends and family members visit your house to play or feed your dog. You can also put some space between you and your dog and let other people take care of him. This can help him be comfortable even if it’s a stranger.

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