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Shelby is a star in the newest Hollywood movie of a lost puppy’s adventure to reunite with her family – “ A Dog’s Way Home”.

Shelby was not one of those lucky ones “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”,  

Quite to the contrary.

Here story begins in a junkyard in Tennessee.  It was a normal day in her life. She was scavenging for food as she did every day of the week. The only thing different that day was here was a lady Animal Control officer T.J. Jordi in the area.

Officer Jordi noticed the skinny and malnutritioned Shelby in the junkyard. The thing that caught her attention was shelby’s sparkly eyes and a constantly wagging tail.

“She is always happy, fun to be around,  She always seems to smile with her heart ”  said officer Jordi.

Shelby was taken to a local shelter.  As they normally do – they posted a photo of Shelby and advertised her for adoption.

Debbie Pearl – who runs Dream Fetchers,  a non-profit organization that trains dogs on their way to a new purpose in life including a path to stardom on the big screen, happened to be looking for a dog and came across the ad for Shelby.

When Debbie saw Shelby’s picture – she immediately knew there was something special about this dog.  “She was absolutely magnificent and gorgeous” said Debbie. Shelby looked like a good candidate to train for a movie role.

But that road is tough – need lots of skills.  Those skills can be acquired through training but is there a desire in Shelby to learn?

Does shelby have the right temperament?

Does Shelby have what it takes to be a movie star?

Lots of questions.  She had to meet Shelby in person.

Debbie heads to Tennessee from CA and Shelby’s amazing journey begins!  Debbie catches the sparkle in shelby’s eyes. She is more sure of the potential of this dog.  She is more hopeful of Shelby’s future than she ever was before.

Shelby is on her way to California!

The new life journey – a remarkable journey begins.  

This was the moment that changed Shelby’s life.  This is what Shelby needed – a chance, an opportunity to learn and show her mettle.

Shelby started training at her new home.  This was Shelby’s moment!

None of the training lessons were a challenge for Shelby. Voice commands, hand signals, dog tricks, obstacle race, display of patience, focus, ….. you name it – she got it.

“Shelby passed every test with flying colors so everyone fell in love with her” said Debbie.

All obstacles on the path cleared for Shelby to be hired.  So, on to the next step – Training for Special Acting skills.

What are those skills?   

Recognize markers, recognize what them as her commands and act on those commands.  e.g barking markers – when she reaches one she has to learn to bark. Likewise, markers to jump, markers to look a certain way, bark on cue.

Boy that gets complex, huh?

Well – fame doesn’t come without some sweat.

Shelby true to her repute, again came through with flying colors.  Her Hollywood debut performance was a resounding success.

Did I tell you her performance in “A Dog’s Way Home” is her intro to Hollywood and is currently running in local theatres..

Now that she is done with her 1st movie do you wonder what is she doing while she is waiting to get her next movie contract?

Lest you think shelby is now sitting on her laurels and enjoying the beaches of southern California, think again.

This multi talented dog is now working as a therapy dog and recently visited Kansas Medical center to befriend some children that needed and were delighted to have her help.


Attribution:  Image & Video: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Attribution:Inside edition


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