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Its an exciting time for football fans around the world.  Within every Super Bowl broadcast is another competition happening in the background and it doesn’t involve a pigskin. This one has many players.  You probably know what I’m talking about here…

Its the Super Bowl for Ads.

The cost for advertisers to run these ads is astronomical.  Each minute for these ads runs into multiple millions of dollars.  This is the time for these “players” to show off their ad talent prowess!

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“Super Bowl tickets in Atlanta this year are not selling well and the prices are dropping” – said Jimmy Kimmel on his show.  “However the ads displayed during the game – where the advertisers put out their very best ads of the year are going for 5 million dollars.”

Dog brightens the day for this special toddler–>

Sheep shows gratitude to dog who saved her life–>

CBS, who bought the rights to broadcast the game this year, has reportedly rejected one of these ads – for medical marijuana.  Apparently CBS is fine with running ads for beer and alcohol, but they draw the line at medical marijuana.  Seems kinda funny, and Jimmy Kimmel thought so too.

Continue to the next page to see Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious response to this rejection by CBS.

Jimmy uses CBS’s refusal to air cannabis ad during Super Bowl as an opportunity to take a satirical swipe at CBS and creates his own fake commercial for “Air Buds” and of course its hilarious, well, its typical Jimmy Kimmel way ad.

.In this “Ad”, Jimmy here makes fun of Los Angeles Rams fans by defining their unique characteristic.  He then goes on to disclose a secret to NFL  on what it takes to get tickets sold fast.

He is perplexed that CBS has no problem showing an ad for beer but they refuse to show one for cannabis.  He uses that pivot to create and air his own satirical ad for cannabis that is just hilarious.

News traveled fast and before we knew it people were sharing this video all over the internet.  Some of the comments are so funny…


Attribution:Jimmy Kimmel Live via youtube


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