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Thanks to the great work done by volunteers at Rocket Dog Rescue – The following story took place at The Rocket Dog Rescue in Northern California area as narrated by them.

It was a normal day at Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco. Man walked in looking to adopt a dog.  As he was looking around, his eye was caught by Merrill – a 3 year old pit bull.

He fell in love with Merrill and decided to share his home with her.  The staff quickly ran into a problem they had never seen before in the rescue center’s entire existence. 

What happened?

To explain this we need to understand a bit of the background:

Rocket Dog Rescue’s mission is to prevent dogs from being euthanized.   The mission statement naturally leads them to  “High Risk – Low adoptability and abused dogs.”

They generally rescue dogs that have a low probability of being adopted. In 2014 they took in Merrill – a 3year old Pit bull and Taco – an 8 year old Chihuahua.

It was strange – The 2 dogs with the most contrasting characteristics seemed to have a strong bond between them. They always stuck together.

They would not leave each other’s side.

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Volunteers. all the they knew about these dogs was that they came together, they knew nothing about their owners or how or why or under what circumstances they were brought in.

But one thing they knew was that the pair was best friends! One was never far from the other and if they were not in each other’s sight – they would cry.

It wasn’t long before the volunteers got to know how deep their bond was.

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A Brief History.

When the pair arrived at the rescue center, Merrill was a sick puppy with a serious urinary tract infection.  Surgery was the only option to save her life.

While Merrill was undergoing surgery, Taco was very nervous, filled with anxiety and restless.

After her successful surgery, the volunteers thought to leave Merrill alone in her  recovery room. Little did they know that they would need to modify their plans.

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Both Merrill and Taco were sad and crying for each other all the time – literally all the time that they were separated.  The volunteers had no choice but to bring Taco to the recovery room with Merrill and like magic – both of them stopped crying.

Volunteers could not believe how much they meant for each other.

But this bond between the two could hurt them in the long run in getting adopted as most people  would be looking for only one dog to adopt. With that in mind, the shelter advertised the dogs separately for adoption.

Taco’s age – he was well past his prime and approaching senior status – made it even more difficult to adopt him.

And Merrill – she was an entirely different story.

One day a man walked in wanted to adopt a dog.  The volunteers took him in to look choose one to adopt. A glimpse of Merrill and he stopped – 30 seconds later he had decided.  Merrill was going to his house.

Back to the front office, he filled out all paperwork, signed and completed the formalities for taking Merrill home.  Volunteers and the man went in to get Merrill.

Merrill was brought out of the cage, leaving Taco behind.  Merrill started howling – non stop howling that just would not stop.

Now the man was confused – normally this is the happy time for dog being adopted but Merrill seems to be unhappy – it did not make sense.

That is until the volunteers told him the episode at the time of Merrill’s surgery.

And now Merrill wouldn’t leave her best friend Taco behind.

The man understood but was in no mood to take hme 2 dogs – so he chose another, redid the papers and went home with another dog.

Now the volunteers have no choice but to advertise them together – under no circumstances were they going to break the pair.

Back to square one – after struggling with the situation for a considerable time and discussion, Volunteers put another ad on the website – but this time both Taco and Merrill as a pair.

But lucky for the shelter – Jodi, one of the volunteers decided to care for both the dogs until they could find a permanent home.

Good days are here!

A few days passed by and a San Jose family stumbled upon Taco and Merrill’s story and instantly fell in love with it.  They went to Jodi’s house and instantly decided to make the two best friends part of their family.

The two best friends could not have been happier !

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