Teach Ring Stackers 300 x 250 - Animated


Here are essence of some of the comments on the video from youtube/videoinspirational we thought are worth sharing:

“The family adopting both the dogs a re a special family with a huge heart.  They truly understand the bond between the two dogs. The outcome for both the dogs was wonderful – they found the right family – made for each other!!”

“The adopting family was shocked to see their story on youtube – they had become youtube stars and they didn’t even know it!!”

“One commenter was reminded of his dad’s 2 dogs.  He recalled they had  – an Irish setter the older of the 2 dogs died 1 week after his dad passed and the younger dog died 2 weeks later from grief.  They are soooo loyal!  They literally give their life for you.  😍”

“After they found their dogs’ new fame the owners of Taco and Merrill thought they should keep their fans informed of their progress and started a Facebook page with regular updates. Sadly, they reported that after 3 years of having the pair, Merrill passed on and now Taco is learning to cope with the loss.”



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