Earlier last week, a man wearing a hooded jacket and a tracksuit stepped inside West Mount Vets located in Todmorden, England. A box in his hands made the staffers think that the stranger was there to get his pets checked. But before anyone even understood what was really going on, the man placed the box near the receiving area then quickly ran out.

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The confused staffers went to peek to see what’s inside and there; they found two puppies that are completely bald. Everyone was shocked by the view. But knowing the puppies are desperately needing medical attention, they had to act fast. Both puppies were taken to RSPCA’s Wakefield branch.

Currently called Winky and Dobby, the puppies were in a terrible state. The vet team was disgusted that they were neglected so badly to be in such condition. And it is unimaginable how someone could abandon them just like that.

“One is cream in color and one is blue,” said RSPCA Inspector Sarah Bagley. “Both are female and about four months old. They’re completely hairless due to demodectic mange.”

Winky and Dobby were so scared during their first few days in the shelter. But slowly, they warmed up as they learned how it felt to be loved. And they started to have fun playing and chewing their toys, chasing other dogs, and barking at strangers.

But the story is yet to be over. A week later after the incident, the same guy dressed in the same exact outfit came back to the same veterinary clinic. Only this time, he approached the receptionist. But as she called on a nurse, he hurriedly left, leaving behind a third puppy, also completely bald.

Photo Credits to RSPCA

Concerned and worried, the clinic decided to reach out to RSPCA for further help. And the little pup, now called Albus, got reunited with Winky and Dobby. The siblings looked happy and thankful now that they are together, again.

And while it may take a little while before they get to show their beautiful furs, Winky, Dobby, and Albus are all doing great for now. The RSPCA staffers are very excited to watch them heal and grow bigger every day. And eventually, they’ll get to know how it is to be surrounded by loving people in their forever home.

Thanks to The Dodo for sharing this.


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