A heartbreaking footage of a frantic mother dog recently went viral. The video shows how a mother dog tried to help her puppy that was knocked over by a vehicle in the busy streets of La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines. The stray dog’s family lives by the side of the road where they are treated as “community pets”.

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Onlookers said that the mother dog was scavenging for food when one of her puppies wandered off and got hit by a passing vehicle. Sadly, the driver of the vehicle left without checking on the puppy. The puppy eventually died on the street due to the injuries caused by the impact.

The grieving mother dog refused to leave her lifeless puppy alone and instead barked frantically at the passing vehicles. She even stood in front of the passing cars for them to stop and prevent them from hitting her baby dog again. Unfortunately, no one pulled over to help the puppy.

The local shopkeeper, Lynette Labating, who filmed the incident said that the mother dog’s barking caught her attention. However, she was unable to cross the road and help because the mother dog was very upset. Getting near them was difficult. So, Labating filmed the dog instead.

Ang wla kaluoy nga driver sg pick up gin dalasa nya ang puppy nga ni.NG pangita ko karton pra kwaon ang pup, may isa Ka…

Posted by Lynette Labating on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

After a few hours, the officers of the village came to check but the stray dog family already left. The village council officers did an investigation to trace the car that hit the puppy. They also tried to locate the stray dog family for them to be given shelter and medical help.

Just over two weeks before this incident, one of the puppies was also struck by a vehicle. This caused the puppy’s hind legs to be permanently disabled. Hopefully, the village council officers will be able to find the stray dog family for them to find a safe place to stay and not suffer any further.

Courtesy: Viral Press, Lynette Labating


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