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Brief History:

The Kangal Shepherd was bred and developed in Sivas region of  Turkey over a couple of centuries.  The primary purpose this breed was developed was to guard and protect farm animals from large predatory local animals including wolf, coyote, fox, and bear.

With international popularity growing of this breed as great protector of live stock,   their ability to protect their herd has been tested and proven to work against even more fierce predators like a bobcat and yes, even a lion.   These guys just don’t know fear!

According to Wikipedia, the Anatolian Shepherd used to be considered a separate breed from Kangal Shepherd.  However TKC (Turkish Kennel Club which is the official registry for Kangalsnow considers all Anatolian shepherds as Kangal shepherds.

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In Namibia, the cheetah population was dwindling and farmers killing cheetahs whenever the cheetah was seen in the vicinity of their farms.

Cheetah is deathly scared of the Kangal shepherd – just the bark of this dog is enough to for the cheetah to turn around and never show again as long as these dogs are guarding the farm.

Taking a note of this fact, The Cheetah Conservation Fund gave 500 Kangal dogs to farmers since 1994.  The result of the experiment was astounding:  By 2008, cheetahs killed per farmer annually fell from 19 to 2.4 while the livestock losses were also reported to have cut significantly at more than 80% of those farms that have adopted these dogs to guard their animals.

This was a win – win solution for cheetahs as well as the farmers and their animals.

Having seen these results, the experiment is now being extended to Kenya




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