How Are Kangals used ?

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Kangals are being used in Europe, Asia and here in US  and Canada as well. Elisabeth Jensen and her husband use a pack of 6 of these dogs to protect their black angus on a 90 plus acres farm in Louisville, Kentucky.  The presence of these dogs alone in most cases will suffice to keep the undesired predators away from their land.

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They seldom need  to worry about the large local predators like a bear.  Their main concern among the land predators is coyotes.  However, they do have a unique threat from the sky – the large black vultures.  

They attack baby calves – most of the times in their eyes and nose making them blind, and leaving them with injuries that eventually result in the calves being put away.

Kangals have shown themselves to be effective guardians against these threats from the sky as well.  The vultures have stayed away from the Jensen’s Evans Mill Cattle Ranch ever since they introduced the Kangals squad of 6 dogs.

Kangals can work solo but are more effective as a team or a pack.   With a team of 3, even a lion would stay away rather than face these fierce fighters.   According to the world renowned zoo keeper Jack Hannah, their bark is scary enough even puke a cheetah.




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