Kangals’ Protection Battle Strategy:

Teach Ring Stackers 300 x 250 - Animated

The strategy they use is the same as the one used by General Patton during world war II against General Rommel – get a full view of the battle field, understand the enemy strength and positions, keep your communication lines open with your team,  and fight like hell.

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If the terrain is not plain like a desert, one of the team members of the 3 dogs crew will find a high vantage point in the landscape so he can have an undisturbed view of his crew,  his flock and the enemy if there is one.

If he sees the enemy, he alerts his flock and crew by standing erect and raising his tail straight up – that alerts his crew to be ready while his enemy is still unaware that their presence has been noted by the dogs.  

They will first bark to let the enemy know – the bark will get more and more aggressive if the enemy continues its progress towards their flock – in most cases the enemy heeds to the warning and retreats.

If there is a need to engage, the team will coordinate the attack until the enemy is driven away from the property.



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