If you think your female pup is not yet ready to be a parent, but you also do not want it to be spayed, at least be observant when it comes to their heat cycle’s manifestations.This is the best way for to ensure that you will not have to deal with a pregnant pup anytime soon.

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It is actually quite easy to know when your pup is in heat. Here are the most common symptoms:

Swollen vulva

You need not be a professional to notice this symptom. There’s no government-issued certificate that will classify you as apt to perform the task of assessing the appearance of your pet’s vulva. If the swelling is there, you’ll notice it.

This swelling coincides with the first stage of a dog’s heat period. This stage is referred to as Proestrus. Aside from swollen vulva, you can also look out for swollen teats. Take note, however, that the latter is less noticeable compared to the former.


Discharge will be a consistent manifestation throughout your pet’s heat cycle. It will transition from one color to another, depending on which stage your pup is at. For the beginning stage of the cycle, this discharge will be red in color.

Come the fertile stage or the estrus, this discharge will change to a pinkish or even yellowish color. Once you’ve noticed your pup’s discharge is no longer bright red, it’s about time to level up your safeguarding strategy. This is because this change in color signals fertility.

If you do not want your pet to get accidentally sired by your irresponsible neighbor’s dog, it is in your best interest to keep your pup indoors.


During their most fertile stage, your female pup is bound to get restless. They are only responding to their natural calling of being able to mate and procreate. If they are not allowed these instinctive needs, they will grow more and more frustrated.

A sexually frustrated pup will manifest frustrated behaviors. Be ready for incessant whimpering. Be ready for incessant tries to escape. They might even bark or bite excessively.

Hound dogs

Female dogs in heat give off a kind of scent that is easily detected by their male counterparts. If you have suddenly noticed your residence is getting frequent visits from male dogs in your neighborhood, there is a big likelihood that your female pup is in heat and is inadvertently summoning these wannabe Sires.

Although this might seem cute at first, the situation can of course get out of hand. This is especially true if you are dealing with hound dogs that are gifted with unrivaled persistence and impertinence. If your fence is low or weak, these dogs might be able to trespass your yard and get dangerously close to your female pup.

To avoid these problems, do essential precautionary measures. For instance, make sure your fence is reliable enough to keep strange dogs out, and yours in.

Knowing these symptoms alerts you every time your pup is going through her cycle. This awareness will then make you apt to dealing with the matter.



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