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This is an update to last Thursday’s story of the couple from Kelowna, Leslie and Tim Spiegel – their dog Luc was stolen from their car in Vancouver downtown while they went to pick up some soup just across the street.  Here are  further details on the background.

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Sunday was a delightful day for the Spiegels after some early disappointments. But as they say “All is well that ends well”


Their hard work and the incredible journey they had gone through in the last two days was not in vain – Luc was back with his parents.

Leslie could not contain her joy!  “We are thrilled…..” she said. They were still trying to digest all the events they experienced – all the ups and downs like a roller coaster that came with them.  

Here is how the events unfolded on Sunday.

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Spiegels had spent all day Saturday hanging and distributing Luc’s picture on posters that were spread around east side as suggested by Susan Patterson of Thank Dog I Am Out Rescue Society called with a tip.

Spiegels day started real early on Sunday.  A lady who had seen Luc’s picture in called them around 6 in the morning stating that she had seen Luc last night and she thought that he was somewhere in Gastown.

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Spiegels picked up the lady and they went to the apartment where she thought the dog was.  They spoke to the building manager and explained why they were there.

His response was rather disappointing.  He said the subject apartment occupant is not there and further there is no Luc or any dog on his property.   

Not too long after that a male voice on the phone told them that he had their dog and he can exchange it for $100.  So the spegels made an appointment to meet the man and complete the transaction.

Another disappointment – the guy never showed up!

And yet another surprise.  They received a call from the apartment manager they had met with earlier in the morning.  “I found your dog” he said. So, back to the apartment building they went.

And sure enough there he was – as they were right around the corner Luc started barking and as soon as the “…. door was opened Luc jumped right into her arms! “ said Leslie.

Now they needed to get the good news out quickly as volunteers search party were scheduled to meet.  Susan Patterson & her Rescue Society quickly took to the social media and made short of that task.

Spiegels were ecstatic that they had found their pooch safe.  

They could not thank enough to the volunteers, Susan Patterson, the community and the whole town.

And most importantly the angel tipster who helped locate and then guided them to the place would not even accept the $2000 award even though she was homeless and was going through an addiction issue.

Susan Patterson finally convinced her to be a beneficiary that she would set up a trustee to handle this amount for her so it is put to good use and possibly help her get out of her current predicament.  

Tim hoped and wished that this was the first step that gets her out of her current misery.

In addition to Luc, the lesson Spiegels will take home with them was “Most People are decent, compassionate people.  They may be going through a rough patch. …. we experienced their warmth and willingness to help even a stranger from out of town.” said Tim.


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