This is worse than picking the best of your children – could I take one of each, please?

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You have decided!

You want to have a friend that always looks up to you, greets you with enthusiasm as son as you step in his or her sight, showers you with love and affection that will make you forget all the woes of the day.

You want a canine friend!  You are convinced.

But wait!

You don’t know what kind of a puppy you want.  There are so many different varieties to choose from.  So here is a quick list of 10 you may want to consider.

golden retriever

Having a hard time finding a date, not enough friends?

You are in the right place.

Get One of these – it will improve your chances for sure (wink wink) !!

  • Golden Retriever – cute, smart, extremely loving, affectionate, love man’s company, love children.  Level temperament – Most suitable for emotional support dogs. Get one and the whole neighborhood will be friends with you.  A great way to find a date heh?
  • australian shepherd
  • Australian Shepherd – they are cute, brainy and like to keep busy.  Have lots of energy to run around. Need good exercise every day. Want to stay fit?  Live on a farm with animals and could use an extra hand? This is your pet!
  • french bulldog
  • French Bulldog.  Low energy, with cutest faces – just like Oliver Hardy – great medicine  – remember the wise man’s words  “Laughter is the best medicine?”
  • beagle
  • Beagle: Small, cute,  loves to follow nose more than most other dogs – most suitable for sniffing narcotics / contraband material. Your own personal Snoopy!
  • welsh corgi .  This one is special.  Has the highest endorsement one can think of – Talk about having connections.  This one has it! Queen Elizabeth II has had 30 of these in her lifetime – must have a good reason, right?
  • pitbull, terrier
  • American Staffordshire Terrier – commonly known as pit bulls.  Want to scare away annoying neighbors??? These guys have a bad rap – Good natured family dogs for a family with good training abilities, strong and inherently protective of their owners.
  • sheltie, dog,
  • Shetland sheepdog – commonly known as shelties.  Mild mannered, friendly, good with kids and love cuddles.  How can you not love them?
  • daschund
  • Daschund.  Comes in many varieties – Standard and miniature size, long haired or wire haired and of course a blend of any of these. Live in a city and want a pet – this is tailored for you.
  • Siberian Husy
  • Siberian Husky – Strong, active, loves cold and snow.  Ideally suited for snow sports like Iditarod.  Never underestimate their energy. This one won’t help you shovel the snow but can get you around town when the rest of the town is bundled up and stuck at home.
  • English setter.  Their uniquely spotted coat gives away their breed.  Has rare combination of both style and strength. Well mannered and usually easily trainable. They are known to be a gentleman’s dog for a reason.




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