Playing with your dog

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Playing games with your puppy is fun, period!

But what should you play with him and why?  is having fun the only sole purpose of playing?

Games exist to let people have fun, develop bonds, get exercise, entertain players as well as spectators among many other factors. But this is not limited only to people because puppies can, and love to play!

Imagine you and your puppy playing together. It’s fun and he gets to develop his physical abilities and draw the other benefits at the same time – Bonding with you being the major benefit here.

What games should you play with your new pup?

Tug of War

Dogs of all ages and all breeds love to play tug of war. Big breed or small, playing outdoors or indoors, working dog or domestic – they just love it.

This game helps puppies develop their strength.  It also helps you develop a bond with your puppy while teaching him that you are the boss – helps him understand your authority – if you play it right.

A piece of rope – about a foot long with a nice big knot at both ends makes a perfect toy for this game – Let him pull it while holding it firm enough in your hand to equal his pull, then pull a little bit stronger then let him pull it from you, – let him win.

Give him praise.

Try to grab it from him in a playful way.  When you do grab it – pull it as hard as he does but n the point that it will be proud of itself, you give praise. Then sometimes you make it drop the thing your tagging. Then give him a reward, and keep on doing it.

Dogs’ attention span is small. Respect it and work with it.   Hence small retentive sessions work best for them to know what it is that you want.  Mix the play with a teaching lesson – do it wisely so you don’t confuse him.

Establish your authority – let him know that he can play only when you give him permission to play – when you want him to drop it – let him know – firmly but calmly – be persistent and consistent, be in control and patient at all times.

When he lets go – shower him with praise – rewarding this behavior reinforces it – this is how they learn.

Then someday you can make it drop anything without it looking for the reward afterward.

Find The Toy

This game is for professional training. If successful, your puppy might be a great finder. In this game, you will show your puppy something and he needs to find it. And how will it find this thing? By using his senses. The sense of smell in particular.

At first, this may be hard. You can start by hiding it in a place near him and can be partially seen. And as time goes by, it also keeps getting better and better then you will start hiding it near him and can’t be seen. This will improve his sense of smell.

And after that, the puppy will get better again. Now this time, you can hide it anywhere, and the puppy will find it for you. If you will look at the progress, this will take a lot of time, but the time used is worth it.

At this point, when you can hide it anywhere and he finds it, maybe it’s on way to being a police dog if its breed is appropriate for the job. This is a powerful game to enhance the smelling sense of the dog and putting it to a good use.


Everyone who had a puppy may have played this game. Throwing frisky or a ball and then the puppy gets it. It’s fun to watch and play. You can see the gleam in his eyes while looking at that ball you just threw.

Some dogs have innate ability to fetch and return it to the owner while some puppies have a mind of their own and demand an effort to train. If your dog happens to be one of this kind – don’t despair – training tips here will help you sail through the task.

Others don’t return the thing you throw. When such a situation arises, you can try calling him or make hand or whistle signals. Running back and forth will enhance the puppy’s legs.

And if he obeys your signals – you reward him, you have taught him one more lesson & as a bonus, you will get to enjoy the I’ve entertainment of watching him run back and forth.



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