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Perryn was an 8 year old kid on vacation trip in Utah.He experienced severe headaches from what was considered to be his new prescription glasses.  His headaches went from worse to worst and his parents had to call an ambulance to take him to a nearby hospital.

What they discovered there was a life changing event not just for Perryn but for the entire family and may be the community.

The hurricane season of 2018 left an indelible memory for the Carolina residents.  TheyIn September 2018 they were soaked with almost 36 inches of pouring rain causing devastating floods, loss of property and beyond belief sufferings.

Many families were left homeless and at the mercy of shelters.

The young Miller family – husband, wife, their 8 year old Perryn and his younger sibling and Frank – their new puppy – was one of those affected by the floods – they lost most of their household belongings in those floods

Millers are an enterprising family, they buckled up  and began to rebuild their life. In the early days of this process, Perryn started complaining about headaches

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Perryn’s headache complaints gradually reached a point where they had to take him to the family doctor who concluded that his headache complaints were rooted in recently prescribed eye glasses.

Fast forward. Kids are out of school for the holidays.  Millers need a break from the grueling schedule they have been going through and decide to go to Utah for a change of pace.

Whlie in Utah, Perryn’s headaches did not take a break.  Quite contrary, they escalated and during one of those episodes Perryn vomited.  

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That was a red flag for the parents who immediately took him to a nearby hospital Emergency room.

The brain scan revealed a huge tumor that was strangling his brain and needed immediate surgery.  An ambulance took him to a Children’s hospital.  

During the procedure they also determined that Perryn had stage 4 glioblastoma multiforme, the very same aggressive brain cancer that claimed Arizona Sen. John McCain’s life

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Little Perryn went through a 7 hour surgery – a tense period for the poor parents.  It had been a “whirlwind of a time” for the Miller family said his mom.

As the news spread on social media regarding Perryn’s health problems coupled with his family’s recent hurricane trauma – brought on an onslaught of kind gestures from the community..

One of those kind gestures was from former truck driver Bob Reynolds, who offered to pick up the Miller’s pet dog that was left behind in North Carolina during the “short” holiday trip and drive the puppy to Perryn’s side.

That is a 2300 mile trip – one way!

“We just went with it,” said Perryn’s mom.

True to his word, Reynolds picked up Frank, the family’s 9-month-old German shepherd, and drove him to Utah in 52 hours. “It just makes Perryn so much happier,” his mother stated.

When asked, Mr. Reynolds says ” It needed to be done and I could do it – so I volunteered.”

Millers could not be happier. Their family stress relief guy had joined them when they needed him most – thanks to a stranger, stranger no more – Mr Reynolds.

When the family pup Frank saw Perryn – the air was filled with joy and excitement.  For a moment no one was thinking of Perryn’s pain including Perryn.

“He cried and I really felt loved,” the young boy said of Frank.

Thats the magic a dog brings to us!

“That reunion scene of the two young friends – 9 month old Frank and 8 years old Perryn was priceless – that alone was worth the effort” says Reynolds.

Thanks to the video below – we all can Enjoy this moment for ourselves


Video Credit: CBS Evening News


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