Ever wonder why your dog sniffs around every blade of grass and dandelion before deciding to poo?  If you are one of those that just brush it away as “the dog stuff” or you are in the “there is no good reason for it” camp – think again.  

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The following article may give you better appreciation for the process a dog goes through before choosing a place to poop and how to hasten the process.  You can actually train your dog on cue to poop and do it quickly.

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Why are they so picky in something so insignificant as going to the bathroom while they are not so concerned when it comes to eating?  Will it surprise you if someone said to you that there is a good reason behind it?

If not, how about if I told you that there is science behind it?

And the North and South poles have something to do with it?

Now, be honest, you think I am really stretching it or ..…what is she smoking …..

So, Read on and I think you will be amazed…..   

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You have taken your dog out in the morning, you are in a hurry, you have to go home, get ready for the morning meeting but your dog is sniffing around instead of doing its morning business.  You give it a pull on the leash and he doesn’t budge.

Take it easy on your pooch as s/he is not the only one in the doggie universe to do that. Your dog is processing a lot of information.  Most if not all dogs go through this process. Four main reasons for the sniffing process are:

  • Anxiety
  • Sniffing out other animals’ scents
  • Distractions and you are not helping in this area when you pull on his/her leash
  • North and South pole alignment – yes, that is absolutely true according to some scientists.

Social Media in the Doggie World

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Do you remember the old days – before social media came along? Water fountains used to be the place for social gathering.  Today most of these social gatherings happen in virtuality – on social media platforms.

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc are places where we share whatever info we want to share about us with the rest of the world.  In doggie world, poo and pee place is where all the info is shared.

You ever wonder when a dog is introduced to a new person or a new dog – it goes to smell the new person’s or that new pet’s private parts?

As you may know, dog’s nose, according to Nova, on the average is 50,000 times (yes, that is 50K times) more sensitive than that of a human. To put that in perspective – what you can smell from a foot away – the dog can smell it from 10 miles.

A simple sniff can reveal to them a history lesson about you or that newly introduced pet.  In doggie world, poo and pee is the primary factor – that tells them everything they need to know about you and your recent past.

That may explain why fire hydrants are dogs’ favorite place to leave a mark – that is where they share their information – their favorite social media platform.

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When they leave their excretion mark, according to Carlo Siracusa of University of Pennsylvania, they leave a wide variety of their information for the next dogs – e.g. whether it is an alpha dog, or if its a male or female, in heat or not, friend or foe, where it has been in the recent past, what it had for a meal etc.

So, next time you see your rover sniffing around, take a deep breath – s/he is absorbing a lot of “information that is in the air” – it takes time to process all those messages.


Like humans, some dogs too have certain reservations, anxieties, likes and dislikes. Some dogs like to go on grass and not on a sidewalk while there are some – believe me, it’s not an everyday occurrence, but I have seen one dog that will not poo in public – she will wait until she returns to her own backyard and go in a corner to do it’s business.   

Look for your dog’s preferences – surface preferences like grass, dirt, hard surfaces like concrete etc and take him/her to their preferred surface – its a small favor you can do for them.  If s/he is shy – take them out when the rest of the world is not out and about. These are little things we can do for them and in return they make our lives so pleasant – leaving us lifelong pleasant memories even after they have passed onto the heavens.

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So, How do the earth’s magnetic poles affect dog poop?

Have you noticed you pooch spinning / circling around before taking is final position to do his bathroom business?

A  study published in Frontiers Of Zoology looked at all the variants that could play a role in the dog taking a position for excretion activity.  They found that wind direction, Sun’s position, time of day, surface preference etc did not play a could be ruled out as playing a role in the dog’s poop position.  

In a summary of the study’s findings published in Wired magazine, the scientists confirmed all of the above findings did not play a significant role and further found compelling evidence that the dog’s poop position is aligned with the North and South axis and the earth’s magnetic field may be playing a role in what comes out of your dog.     

All the factors from magnetic field to type of surface to poop on play a role in your dog’s preferences.  If they are on a surface of their choice they may hold off their pooping activity until they find a better surface.  

But then you will also find dogs that will invariably take their own sweet time to sniff around, enjoy the breeze, move slowly etc before they do their job.  They are usually the ones that need more outdoors time but don’t get enough of it – so that is their way to make the most of it and get what they need. Tricky heh?  

If you are a victim of this trickery by your pooch – you can easily change that behavior by giving it enough fresh air and exercise and as a bonus you will find that your bond with your pooch is better than ever before and your pooch’s behavior in the house is improved as well.



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